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12 Habits And Products That Lower Our immunity During Coronavirus Pandemic

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We already know that healthy diet is important in  boosting our immunity to protect ourselves from the risk of getting sick. Now let’s talk about 12 habits that lower body’s immunity and have destructive impact on our health.

1. Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is especially dangerous if we reach for it on regular basis. It not only burdens the internal organs but also causes dehydration and loss of many valuable nutrients, including important minerals. 

Blooming Flavors alcohol decreases immunity

2. Smoking cigarettes

Smoking is also a habit that adversely affects the immunity of our body, especially in terms of respiratory infections.

Smoking and immunity

3. Diet rich in high-calorie snacks and fast-food dishes

A diet based on highly processed foods will cause the loss of adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.  Consuming often more than enough kilocalories will lead to obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

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4. Dairy products

Advertisements tell us that probiotic bacteria contained in yogurts increase our immunity. Independent scientists question such marketing slogans for consumers and claim that these products do not benefit our immune system. More beneficial will be a diet rich in probiotics, which are plant-based nutrients that do not undergo digestive processes in the digestive system. Probiotics act to nourish beneficial bacteria and support the development of normal flora in the gut. They can be found in natural plant products such as: onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, chicory, cereals.

5. Sugar

Sugar is highly addictive and dangerous for the body. It destroys the spleen and stomach, consumes valuable vitamins and mineral salts, and irritates the nervous system. Sugar, in reality, is responsible for a decrease in energy levels, although after consumption it gives the impression of intense stimulation. It is best to replace sugar with naturally sweet products, such as dried fruit. You can also consider natural sweeteners.

6. White flour

Bread, pasta, pizza dough are products devoid of minerals, vitamins and fiber. They are highly processed and impair immune system function. White flour quickly turns into glucose. And too much glucose makes us less able to fight off bacteria and viruses.

7. Frequent consumption of meat

Animal protein in excessive amounts can increase the production of a hormone responsible for the growth and division of new cells. Scientists say that an excess of this hormone can cause a weakened immune system. It may also affect the development of cancer.

8. Citrus fruit

Citrus fruit cool down the body, which is a beneficial property in the case of people living in regions with hot climate. A good warming drink, instead of tea with lemon, is tea with raspberry juice or cherry juice. Also spices such as ginger, cinnamon and vanilla have a warming effect.

9. Highly processed foods

Highly processed foods are those that contain masses of preservatives and artificial additives in their composition. It is any fast-food type food. Widely considered unhealthy, it heavily pollutes the intestines, which are one of the main organs affecting the condition of our immunity. The more “junk food” we give our children, the harder it is for their bodies to fight pathogens.

Fast food and other unhealthy habits

10 Excess salt

Salt can be found in cheese, sausage, cold cuts etc. Its excess in the body not only spoils the sense of taste of children (which contributes to the fact that the toddler does not want to eat cereals and vegetables, and chooses products with artificially enriched taste), but also burdens the kidneys and adrenal cortex. It retains water in the body and is the cause of hypertension in adulthood.

11. Juices from concentrated juices or purées and carbonated drinks

Concentrated juices are made from concentrates, for which the use of sugar and glucose-fructose syrup is permitted. Carbonated beverages, on the other hand, are sugar bombs that cause more deaths in the United States than drug consumption. Such drinks also contain caffeine, artificial colors, flavors, and other harmful additives that harm our health and lower children’s immunity. The healthiest drink, also during a cold, is boiled water.

12. Frying

Whenever you deep-fry food, it creates trans fats and free radicals – carcinogens that can weaken your immune system. It’s best to replace frying with boiling or baking. Especially since, in addition to weakening the immune system, trans fats increase cholesterol levels in the blood, leading to cardiovascular disease. Trans fats can be found not only in fried foods, but also in highly processed foods: cookies, chips, popcorn, sweets, powdered sauces or instant soups.

Alcohol, large amounts of processed foods, low intake of sources of dietary fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) promotes disruption of intestinal bacterial flora, which is also associated with decreased functioning of the immune system.

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