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Eat Well – Eating a balanced diet

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Eating a balanced diet

From the very beginning, we have been taught this very basic thing about eating the right things in the right proportions. As children, we often had to cope up with things like swallowing that tablespoon of Castor oil or chewing down the remaining broccoli. And obviously that sermon “eat all your vegetables, they’re the only thing keeping you at bay from those diseases” we have seen and heard it all. But as we step into the later ages and that grey matter of ours starts to grow, we see some startling revelations in our way of thinking, we indeed become self-conscious. And if by any chance we stumble upon a gym or so, then things take a totally different route from that part.

Hence those sermons and scolding like “start looking after yourself and eat well” from our elders start to make sense and we get to see the bigger picture after all. Nutrients and energy-rich components are a very important aspect of one’s diet. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, to say the least, that no matter how bitter that Bitter Gourd might be; it packs some valuable bunch of minerals and vitamins. And these vitamins and minerals are very essential in the proper building and functionality of the human body. Now the reader might be thinking that this introduction has done nothing except preach about the past like a moral science class, but trust us, this thing here shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Eat Well

The classic textbook definition says that a diet which contains equal portions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and roughage is the one fit to be considered a balanced diet. However there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to a balanced diet and it’s true, we need to understand the complexities associated with having and maintaining a balanced diet.

In general terms, it has been stated that a person should consume 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. But as far as the present situation of youth and even grown adults is concerned, they’re all accounting more and more to the increasing obesity and heart-related diseases. The increased consumption of junk food and high-calorie drinks such as flavored sodas and carbonated drinks are attributing to more and more heart diseases and even diabetes. It should be kept in mind that these things if not controlled before time may lead to very severe health-related conditions. But fret not, our friendly neighborhood aspects of balanced diet are here for help, and the following points if taken seriously can grant you a longer and healthier lifestyle.

So here are a few valuable tips that’ll help you out in the longer run.

    • Inculcate starchy delights
      These should make up more than one-third of our meals. And hence they are also considered to be the base of everything we should eat on a daily basis. Boiled potatoes without being stripped of their peels are also considered to be a good option as they offer a decent amount of starch to the diet. Furthermore, the addition of brown rice and whole wheat pasta will include the appropriate amount of fibers needed for a healthy and balanced diet.
    • Make friends with milk and its buddies
      Milk as people and even science say, is actually considered to be a complete food in itself. Consuming a proper dosage of milk or other dairy products give the body, the required amount of calcium which is used in making bones and teeth better. Because of strength matters as well. But remember, consuming dairy products is a good thing only until they contain the right amount of fats, for example, if you want to consume milk then it would be suggested to opt for 1% semi-skimmed milk or something which has the near about proportions.
    • Fishes, eggs, and meat
      If you’re a vegetarian then there are other options as well but if you’re totally fine with consuming meat then eating the desired product won’t hurt your belly. Even eggs and fishes do provide a lot of proteins and vitamins which are very essential for the growth of the body.
    • Beans and pulses
      Beans and pulses offer the protein alternative to eggs and meat. For those who prefer being a strict vegetarian, these are the go-to products for them. They are easily available in any grocery store and can be consumed without having much of a fuss.
    • Necessary oils
      Oils do give us fats but fats are also essential for us to some extent. The smoothening of skin and that shiny glow can only be achieved if we consume the right amount of fats. Oils like olive oils and cod liver oil are a good source of proteins and vitamins as well.
  • Keep sugar at bay
    Saying no to sugar might not be the best idea but consuming it recklessly at the same time isn’t a good thing at the same time. A proper diet should contain small amounts of saturated sugars. These sugars do the sweetening of your favorite dessert and at the same time provide the necessary carbohydrates as well.

From those school textbooks to life’s realities a balanced diet for good health is a must. With the right amount of roughage and fibers, you can have that beefed up a body which you always wanted. And the same goes for the women, well if they want the beefed-up body then they can surely pursue a hard workout and plan their diet accordingly. Who doesn’t Wanna be fit? Well, everybody does! Now look after yourself and eat well.   

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