• The menus proposed by Blooming Flavors are intended for healthy people. Chronically ill persons should consult a diet plan with a doctor. Low-calorie plan (1200-1500) kcal. Are not recommended for a pregnant and breastfeeding woman. They should choose standard plan 2000 and 2500 kcal.

  • Our recommended supplements can be used in every BF diet plans, except for people who are allergic to any of the ingredients. It is recommended to use our natural supplements especially when the diet is quite long.

  • Predicted, a healthy fat loss should be about 2lb per week. The diet should be used until the correct body weight is achieved. After, you must remember about the implementation of stabilizing diet, which will accelerate our metabolism and prevent the yo-yo effect.

  • Tea and coffee without sugar or with sweetener can be used, while alcohol and other drinks (including milk) that provide additional energy are not recommended.

  • When using any diet plan, you should drink about 8 glasses of water a day. Pay special attention to this during high physical activity.

  • Please be aware that our facility prepares foods and uses ingredients in our products that contain nuts or nut oil, eggs, dairy, fish, shellfish, and gluten. If you have any type of food allergy, please refrain from eating our products.

  • -weekly meal plan free from any artificial preservatives -fresh food that you can eat, reheat and enjoy every day -2 times a week delivery -weight loss approximately 1 to 2 pounds per week. Results may vary. -higher energy levels -increase in athletic performance -general health improvement

  • Our plan is available for 3 or 5 days a week. It includes: -Breakfast -Mid-morning snack -Lunch -Dinner

  • Blooming Flavors suggest storing your fresh meals in the refrigerator and eat them in the order we suggest. We do not suggest freeze salad or eggs dishes.

  • The menu changes weekly and it set up on a four week cycle. The menu also changes with the seasons to ensure your meals are prepared with the fresh seasonal products.

  • No, we recommended removing the meal from the container and placing in the oven safety container.

  • Pick the plan that fits your needs. The description of the plans is available on www.bloomingflavor.com Each plan offers a set of 4 meals for the whole day. Then you select whether you’d like to receive 5 or 7 days of food each week and we will ship fresh and free of artificial preservatives meals twice a week. You can change plan, skip the weeks or cancel anytime.

  • Even in low-calorie plan, the portion size is to protect us from hunger. In the first days of diet, a slight deficiency may appear which is completely natural phenomenon. If disturbing symptoms appear, shaking hand, a feeling of weakness means that you have chosen a menu with too low energy in relation to the metabolic rate. In this situation, you should order a plan with higher supply of kcal.

  • Meals that are definitely recommended to be eaten hot. With some meals it is matter of preference: you can eat a vegetable Quiche or omelet cold or hot- as you prefer. Some meals are composed of one part to be heated and one that should remain cold, such as salad or salad sauce. Please pay attention before you start heating the meal.

  • Generally we recommend that you eat meals from our diet plans, but family and friends are also important. Nothing very bed happens if once in a while you go to a restaurant, have a low-calorie meal and give your BF Lunch or Dinner meal to a family member or a colleague.

  • We recommend eating meals on the day for which they have been scheduled, keeping intervals of about four hours. This is why we balance our diets so carefully- to ensure that every day you receive everything you need to be healthy.

  • Remember, throughout the whole period of the diet we are with you so that you can achieve the desired goal. Choosing the right caloric value is connected with the goal we set ourselves: losing weight, gain muscle mass or just healthy nutrition. In order to facilitate the choice of the appropriate diet plan, we have written on the home page a brief description of each caloric value that can be selected with the given diet plan. If you have any doubts regarding the choice of the most optimal nutritional version, please contact our customer service, our specialists will help you choose the best solution.

  • Meals should be eating systematically every 4 hours. It has positive effect on the digestive system and at the right times we provide the body with energy.

  • Yes, definitely. The Blooming Flavors diet is based on the principles of healthy eating. Following our diet with a calorie allowance adequate to your energy needs lets you keep the ideal weight and provides everything you need to be healthy, full of energy and have a great figure.

  • The BF diet is beneficial for pregnant woman and breastfeeding mothers as it provides all the required nutrients vital during those period. We recommend using plan 2000 and 2500 kcal.

  • No, you cannot individually eliminate specific products, through, for instance carrot or spinach. BF dies are balanced and have the right proportion of nutrients, key to their health value. If you belong to a group with food allergies, your diet has to be personalized .Such information you must provide before starting a diet to our customer service.

  • Your meals will be delivered according to the following schedule: Manhattan and Queens (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday), Brooklyn (Monday, Thursday), and Long Island (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

  • The food can hold temperature for 5 hours outside if someone was not able to accept delivery. Each time your meals arrive to you on dry ice in a box ensure freshness upon arrived at your home. We suggest immediately removing the items from the box and storing them in the refrigerator.

  • Blooming Flavors deliveries to all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

  • For every client, you send to us that signs up. We give you $25 off your next order.

  • Order must be canceled 3 days before renewal for a full refund. If cancelation is past deadline, the customer is responsible for full payment.

  • You will not be required to re-enter your shipping or billing addresses every time you order online. Whenever you place an order, it will be delivered to the registered address on file, unless you direct us otherwise. You can browse, shop and, if necessary, complete your order at a later time. We'll keep track of the items you've already put in your shopping bag so that when you come back later, you will not have to re-select the items again. Note that placing items to your shopping bag for purchase at a later time does not guarantee item availability.

  • You will receive an email confirmation immediately after placing your order. You can also login to your account and see if the order was placed.

  • Once your order is placed, you receive your meals within 5 to 7 business days. You will be billed after the checkout.

  • Yes, it is possible to introduce changes to your meal plan. Any requests regarding changes of your selected diet type or calories value, delivery suspensions of cancelation should be notified to our Customer Service at the latest by 1 pm on Wednesday regarding Saturday delivery and Friday 5 pm regarding Tuesday delivery.

  • Go to "My Account" > "Subscriptions" > "Change Payment" and add new payment informations.

  • You can pay via PayPal, credit card, debit or master card.

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