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Our Mission

Healthy food is a way to a healthy life

This is a fact that we all know. However, not all of us make efforts to make a healthy diet a part of our routine life. Particularly those, who live alone or are unable to have homemade food due to certain reasons, they mostly rely on fast food and end up getting affected by several diseases due to their non-healthy eating choices.
You will not have to step out of your home as you will get mouthwatering food made using quality ingredients delivered right at your doorsteps.

At Blooming Flavors,

our mission is to make healthy food easily accessible for everyone. Whether you live alone, with a bunch of roommates or with family, you can get healthy food, made from freshest, purest ingredients from us delivered at your doorsteps.

Our mission -
Healthy meals delivery -

Our Offer is

fully prepared gourmet meals that are available for people who live in New York City, Brooklyn Queens, and Long Island. No compromise is made on the quality of food delivered and its taste. You will get the taste of food from a gourmet restaurant if you are getting fully prepared meals from us.

To accomplish our mission

of making healthy food for everyone, we use organic products. They are purchased from authentic local suppliers. This is why you will get the best taste and numerous health benefits if you are subscribing to our online fully prepared meal delivery services.

We have different subscription options for our clients.

You can subscribe to our meal plans depending on your dietary goals. We offer 3, 5 or 7 days per week subscription options, including 3 or 4 meals a day. Our subscribers can choose from different menus created by our professional nutritionists. Those who want to test our food before subscribing to the meal plan can choose single meals. Minimum order is $79.

At Blooming Flavors,

our products are not only limited to meals made using quality ingredients; we also have post workout shakes and dietary supplements that can help our clients to stay fit and lead a healthy life. These shakes and dietary supplements are also made using high-quality ingredients to make sure they provide our clients with healthy benefits only and no adverse effects at all.

Healthy food delivery -

With the services of Blooming Flavors,

getting healthy products for daily consumption will become easier than ever for you.  So, don’t wait anymore and become our subscribers. Not only will our services prove to be good for your health but easy on the budget as well. Our weekly plans are available at affordable rates. Furthermore, our personalized menu option can make it even more budget-friendly as you can select the food products that are the most economical. If you want more information on the areas we cover or food products we have on our menu, feel free to get in touch with us.

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