Green Shake


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  • Ingredients:
    Fresh spinach
    Plain yogurt
    Homogenized cheese
    Dried dates
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Green Shake

Green shake is perfect for people who play sports. Semi-liquid consistency allows faster digestion and absorption of nutrients, and additionally does not burden the stomach and gives a feeling of satiety. Carbohydrates are stored in the form of muscle and liver glycogen. During intense exercise, our body uses glycogen stores as an energy source. It has been proven that combining proteins with carbohydrates is more effective in glycogen rebuilding than eating carbohydrates alone. Shakes containing protein, delivered to the body an hour after training will help regenerate muscle tissue. During exercise, we also lose electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium). The shakes prepared by us make it possible to replace their cavities. Thanks to the high content of vitamins and minerals, they perfectly nourish our body. Antioxidants present in shakes help restore balance and normalize the metabolic processes in cells. In addition to the role of nutritional shakes provide pleasant taste sensations. They are composed of the highest quality ingredients, thanks to which it is a real boost of energy. BCAA – Branched chained amino acids – is set of three branched amino acids: Valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Their action consists in the synthesis of muscle proteins after training, protecting the muscles against breakdown during intense exercise. In addition, they positively affect the blood sugar level, increase muscle endurance, stimulate the nerves and inhibit the process of plain sensation. Each of our shakes contains the BCAA supplement.

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