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Tips how to effectively boost immunity against COVID-19

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Still there are no special supplements or medications to cure or prevent the coronavirus. Even though you can do a lot to improve your bodies’ defences and be healthier.

In the difficult reality, when the world is fighting against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)  people are seeking immune-strengthening strategies. If you take special precautions you will boost your immune system to combat viruses and other invaders.

Try to avoid risk and protect yourselves against infection with as many methods as you can. Learn a few important lifestyle factors that will help you stay in shape and thus reduce the risk of  viral infections that develop in a weakened body. 

Note: the body’s immunity does not build up for several days!

If we haven’t been taking care of our health in the last weeks, months or years, then we need to change our lifestyle and focus on those elements that have a real impact on the strength of our immune system.

How to improve immunity in times of COVID-19 pandemic?

At every step we meet restrictions on movement, we should visit stores and shopping malls as rarely as possible. Gyms and clinics are not available. Our life does not resemble the one we lived before the coronavirus pandemic.

We have to take care of our own immunity on a daily basis, it is really worth to take a moment and invest in our own health.

Get to know the ways of immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic and improve your health:

1. Avoid stressful situations and stay calm! Stress reduces immunity.

Stress releases hormones that mobilize the body for action – they make us run away or fight to protect us from danger. So why does it reduce the immune system?

Short-term stress can even help in the fight against microorganisms. However, when stress in our lives becomes a chronic phenomenon, it can lead to the deregulation of the immune system and significantly weaken it.

It is not possible to maintain a state of full mobilization for several weeks, months or even years.

When the body tries to fight the microbial infection, an inflammatory state is created, as a result of which it can remove toxic substances and microorganisms. To activate the inflammation you need pro-inflammatory cytokines, the substances that trigger it. Hormones triggered by stress stimulate the production of those substances that are responsible for the inflammation.

How to avoid stress if successive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic affect the whole world?

We cannot travel and live as before. Human relationships are getting worse, we are cut off from others, we are working at home or losing our jobs. So how to stay calm when we do not know what awaits us in the future?

Despite the difficulties, we should maintain frequent contact (online) with family and friends despite the distance between us.

Good relationships with other people help a lot in coping with stress and reduce the risk of depression.

Socializing at a distance, chatting online with distant family and spending time together with family members will help maintain mental balance and not give in to black thoughts.

Planning an accurate daily schedule can help to maintain a sense of security, reduce stress levels and thus increase the body’s immunity.

2. Outdoor movement and physical activity.

Physical activity also has a very positive effect on our immunity. The most important is regular practice and effort of moderate intensity.

Every day the time spent on exercise is to support the immune system.

Too intensive workouts that burden our body may even lower our defense capabilities, cause the body to weaken, and thus contribute to a decrease in immunity.

It is best to keep moderation, but absolutely make everyday gymnastics a routine habit, like brushing teeth.

Avoid exhaustion and fatigue, and if you feel tired, let go and take a moment to rest. We can exercise at home, we can choose from many different types and methods of exercise. There are also many instructional materials online. Exercise accessories available online can be equally helpful.

Yoga is a particularly recommended type of activity. There are many ways of practicing yoga, we can choose the most suitable practice for our needs.

Regularity is important – it is best to plan the right time and day of the week, always trying to meet these deadlines.

Blooming Flavors: Physical activity will boost your immunity to covid

Whenever we can choose to go for a walk or a bicycle ride out of town. 

Physical activity in the open air naturally supports immunity. Of course, when leaving the house don’t forget to disinfect hands or use disposable gloves when touching such places as buttons in the elevator, handles and handrails.

Take your children for walks, avoiding playgrounds where there are many different surfaces where viruses and other germs can accumulate.

3. Get some good sleep! A rested body has a much better chance of fighting any infections.

The correct length of sleep for adults is about 8 hours per day. Taking care of a healthy sleep is very important in increasing our immunity. Regular sleep and wake up time is the basis for a healthy sleep.

It is best to be in bed at 10 pm and fall asleep half an hour later. Avoid watching TV, looking at a monitor or phone before falling asleep. Read a book and calm down instead of stimulating your body.

People who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more than 4 times more likely to develop an infection than people who sleep more than 7 hours.

4. An appropriate diet is the most important factor increasing immunity.

Nutrition is fundamental for our health. Bad eating habits and nutritional deficiencies even lower our immunity and our ability to fight pathogens.

Proper nutrition of the body effectively reduces the risk of infection by supporting the immune system.

The foundation of a diet that supports immunity are vegetables and fruits. Thanks to them our body will be supplied with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are very necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Healthy diet - Blooming Flavors: fruit and veggies boost your immunity to covid. Blooming Flavors

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Each meal should contain vegetables or fruits.

Freshly squeezed juices and shakes will be the most assimilable form. It is necessary to take care of the appropriate amount of protein in the diet, as its deficiencies may lead to a decrease in immunity. Sources of protein include: eggs, fish, seafood, legumes.

Healthy eating is the basis of the work of the immune system. Let us take care of its diversity and regularity.

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5. Eat garlic – it has disinfectant properties and acts as a natural antibiotic.

Although there is currently no evidence that eating garlic lowers the risk of coronavirus infection, undoubtedly garlic has an antimicrobial and health-promoting effect.

Eating this magic plant every day positively affects many different functions of our body and provides valuable healing properties.

Scientists have proven that it effectively supports the treatment of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract.

When you have a cold, it will make it easier to relieve secretion and sweat, thus lowering the fever and making the airways more accessible.

Garlic has anti-thrombotic properties, so you can prevent stroke or heart attack.

It perfectly regulates the functioning of the digestive system, accelerates the intestines and enhances bile secretion.

Garlic has many salutary advantages for our body. Both garlic and other onion vegetables, i.e. onion, leek and chives, contain vitamins C, A, E and B vitamins, minerals: sulfur, selenium, magnesium, iron and essential oils. Thanks to the essential oils rich in sulphur compounds, garlic acts as a natural antibiotic and destroys dangerous fungi and bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus or streptococcus.

Importantly, it does not damage the natural bacterial flora.

Moreover, regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of gastric, colorectal and colon cancer. Remember that all these valuable properties are ensured by eating garlic in its raw form.

6. Cabbage – one of the greatest gifs of nature

Raw cabbage is a great source of vitamin C and K, it also contains a lot of vitamin E and potassium. Cabbage also provides you with the necessary nutrients such as beta-carotene, fiber, folic acid and many minerals.

Healing properties of cabbage cannot be overestimated. It contains sulphur, which has an antiseptic effect on the airways. Eating raw cabbage strengthens the immune system and helps to fight coughs and infections such as flu.

Cabbage - immunity against infections - Blooming Flavors

7. Vitamin C – supports the immune system

Vitamin C has a significant effect on the cells of the immune system and is considered a substance that significantly improves immunity.

Deficiency of this vitamin is associated with increased susceptibility to infections and lower immunity.

A daily dose of 100-200 mg should be sufficient to prevent infections. Such a dose will be provided by a diet containing fruit and vegetables. This amount will be provided by, among others, 1 kiwi, 1 tomato and half a bell pepper.

High temperature leads to the breakdown of vitamin C, so it is best assimilated from completely raw products.

8. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral component that has a very important role in maintaining a functioning immune system. 

Zinc deficiency is a risk factor for the development of infectious diseases such as bacterial diarrhea and pneumonia.

Too little zinc in our body is a cause of disorders in production, development and metabolism of immune system cells. This leads to a significantly reduced ability to defend against microorganisms.

However, the excess of this element, as well as its deficiency will be equally detrimental to our health.

Sources of zinc will be such products as: fish, dairy products, legumes, whole grain products, pumpkin seeds, sesame, almonds, bitter chocolate, eggs.

9. Vitamin D 

Vitamin D has a well proven beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune system, so if we want to strengthen it, we should stay in the sun if possible.

However, we must not forget about protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Still more research has to be done and depending on your health condition you might need to consult these suggestions with your doctor. However, good news is that your immune system can be strengthened to run efficiently and fight off diseases. Therefore, keep your body fit and nourished by living a healthy life.